Family and Descendants of

Thomas Michael Arcadipane (1938 - 1954)

Tommy was born on September 29th, 1938 at the family home in Silver Creek , New York .  When he was little his favorite toys were wooden trucks.  Tommy liked kids and enjoyed playing with the children of his brothers and sister.  He was very quiet and studious and wanted to be a doctor when he grew up.  After the village doctor retired he gave his medical bag to Tommy, which later was donated to the Silver Creek Historical Society.

Tom was a member of a local Boy Scout troop and during his short time in high school was a member of the track team.  At the age of six or seven, he had a small part in a high school production of "Antigone" wearing a child size tuxedo, but the nature of the character is now obscure.

Tom always seemed to make friends very quickly with people.  One day he befriended a transient, one of many who would rest in the village and ask for food or even fresh coffee grounds.  The man was an expert carver and he made a little platform with handrails resembling an altar.  When Tom brought it home his mother asked him where he got it and she provided food for the man.

Tom (front) with brothers (from left to right) Sam, Joe, and Pete)

Tom died of a drowning accident on Tuesday, July 13, 1954.  He was to go fishing with his brother Joe later in the evening after Joe returned from work.  The pond where he drowned is at the end of Buffalo Street in Silver Creek, beyond the railroad tracks and is known as Hidden Pond.  Tom's father Sam was at Hanover Salvage, a business place near the pond when one of Tom's companions rushed in to ask for help, told what happened, and mentioned Tom's name.  Sam returned home to notify Tom's mother, and Tom's sister Jean called the other brothers and each went to the lake.  Joe said his mother asked him to verify what happened, and he was there when they recovered Tom.  For many years after his death, his mother Frances would be distressed whenever someone would mention his name.  She kept his picture in the bedroom from that day forward with a candle lit in front of it.  Besides the coincidence of Tom's father being near the pond and where Tom's friend came for help, at the time the local fire whistle used for fire and emergencies sounded about 5 p.m., Tom's mother told his sister she always worries when she hears it sound around that time because that's when "the boys are coming home from work" when in fact on this day it was for her youngest child. 


Parents of Thomas Arcadipane:

Salvatore III Arcadipane

1899 - 1992

Francesca Randazzo

1903 - 1983



Documents and other artifacts:

Birth Certificate

Death Certificate


Mass Card

Cemetery Map:  Mount Carmel Cemetery in Silver Creek, NY



Entrance to Mount Carmel Cemetery in Silver Creek

Gravesite of Salvatore, Francesca and Thomas



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