Family and Descendants of

Samuel James Arcadipane (1924 - 1945)


Samuel US Airforce Photo from 1940s

Samuel was born in Silver Creek, NY on August 30, 1924. He served in the US Air Force during World War II as a pilot. He was killed on March 20, 1945 while flying a mission over Vienna, Austria.


Because my dad had to go to Cassadaga Hospital due to an illness about the time I was born, my brother Sam, became my father figure.  He, along with the other members of my mom's brothers, watched over me....I guess we lived with Gramps Militello while Dad was away.  I found some letters that my mom had and it explained their lives at Grandpa's house.  Everyone was anxious for dad to get better, and then I guess from there Dad  went to Florida after his illness was arrested.  Sam's father figure continued on through the short time he was around. I can remember following Sam to school and he knew it and would carry me back home, and I giggled all the way. Finally I remember Sam and Mom saying it was time for me to officially go to school!  Might as well, I followed Sam!  I was barely 4 years old at the time and excited to be going to school with the big kids.  On "snow days" and I couldn't get home for lunch, Sam would give the restaurant owner (Greek man) cannot remember how to spell his name, 25 cents for a hot beef sandwich I would buy.  He had early lunch.  No cafeteria is those days.  Where does tough love come in............I don't know....some of the things I did someone should have been firm with me, but instead, all I remember is patience and extreme love. 


Sam loved airplanes, and he chose to go into the air force....He constantly made and drew planes and often would say he would learn to fly a plane before he got a license to drive a car! And he did!   People always wanted to be with Sam and why not? He was a positive person....Of course he was perfect to me and I would be very angry if anyone didn't have that same opinion of him!  I was such a brat, but Sam was one I always looked up to......what would our family be if he hadn't died during WWII?  What would the world be if he had lived?  A better place.

- Joan Smith (Samuel's sister)






Parents of Samuel J. Arcadipane:

Francesco (Frank) Arcadipane (Ark)

1901 - 1986

Patrina Militello

1903 - 1998


Documents and other artifacts:

Obituary:   Samuel died on March 20, 1945.

Headstone in Military Cemetery in Europe (probably contains no remains as he was reported Missing In Action)

Flight Log

Sam's last letter home



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