The Arcadipane/Ark Family:

Family and Descendants of

Samuel Ark (born 1922, died 2001)

Rose Marie Gutillo (born 1924, died 2009)

Wedding Pictures - Picture at right with Samuel's parents


Samuel Ark at left with parents

Picture at left - Samuel Ark with his Uncle, Frank Arcadipane playing banjo. Center picture, Samuel Ark with mother

Samuel Ark at home in Cleveland, Ohio










Parents of Samuel Ark:

Born 1899;Died 1992
Francesca Randazzo Born 1903;Died 1983


Children of Samuel Ark and Rose Gutillo:

Born 1944;Died 2012
Patricia Ann (Ark)Ortolano Living


Documents and other artifacts:

Samuel Ark Birth Certificate - Shows name as Samuel Ark. born July 28, 1922

Samuel Ark Certified Record of Birth - From 1966, shows name as both Samuel Ark and Samuel Arcadipane Jr.

Samuel Ark Baptism Certificate - Shows name as Salvatore Joseph Arcadipane

Samuel Ark Obituary

Cemetery Map - Mount Carmel Cemetery in Silver Creek, NY

Samuel Ark Death Certificate - Died April 4, 2001

Samuel Ark Mass Card

Samuel Ark Funeral Tribute - Written by his niece Kristen C. Lockwood




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