Family and Descendants of

Salvatore III Arcadipane (1899 - 1992) and

Francesca (Frances) Randazzo (1903 - 1983)

Salvatore and Frances's wedding

September 25, 1921

Pictured from left to right - Sam Randazzo, Frank Arcadipane, Salvatore Arcadipane, Frances (Randazzo) Arcadipane, Jennie Genusso, ?. Zaputo.



Interviews With Samuel (Salvatore III) Arcadipane

Frances's Biography

Frances's Recipes

Audio of Pizza Recipe (1980) (file is in MP3 format)

The taste of my Grandmother's (Frances) pizza is something that sticks very vividly in my mind - the sweet sauce, the thick crust, the grated cheese on top and the occasional hidden surprise (sometimes anchovies or pepperoni) under the sauce.  I loved that Grandma would bring it over for special events.  My friends find it hard to believe that we'd eat it after we'd finished Thanksgiving dinner!  There never was a bad time to eat it.  It even was delicious for breakfast. 


But, the taste was the most amazing when you hadn't had it for a while, like during my days at college in Fredonia where the food was the typical institutional variety.  I remember one cold Sunday night in winter, having returned from a visit home with a good sized portion of pizza wrapped in aluminum foil.  Our dorm was not equipped with a microwave, or even a conventional oven, and that cold pizza just needed to be warmed a bit.  We made use of a coke bottle to balance the pizza on the baseboard heater in my room so that half of it could get warmed - then rotated it so that the other half could have its turn.  Oh, the taste of that pizza was so incredible!  We've included some of my Grandmother's recipes, including her pizza, for your pleasure.

- David Ark


Salvatore, Frances and their first child, Sam.

December 12, 1954 (5 months after Tommy's death).  Front row - Peter, Frances, Jean.  Back row - Salvatore, Sam, Joe.

Undated (probably late 1970s).  Clockwise from top left - Jean, Joe, Salvatore, Pete, Sam, Frances.

Frances outside of her home at 18 Oak Street in Silver Creek, NY with one of her favorite pastimes - flowers.

Salvatore on his sun room next to the lemon tree.

Salvatore and Frances dressed as Mammy and Pappy Yokum for a Senior Citizens Party

Salvatore in his favorite chair.

January, 1990.


Salvatore and Frances on their 60th anniversary - September 25, 1981.







Parents of Salvatore III Arcadipane:

Salvatore Arcadipane Jr.

1870 - 1913

Giovanina (Jennie) Sciarrotta

1874 - 1960


Parents of Francesca (Frances) Randazzo:

Peter Randazzo

1864 - 1909

Giuseppena Sangiorgi

1868 - 1959


Children of Salvatore III Arcadipane and Francesca (Frances) Randazzo:

Samuel Arcadipane(Ark)

1922 - 2001

Peter Arcadipane (Ark)

1924 - 1996

Joseph Michael Arcadipane(Ark)


Jean Josephine (Arcadipane) Patz


Thomas Michael Arcadipane(Ark)

1938 - 1954


Documents and other artifacts:

Salvatore Arcadipane III obituary:   Salvatore died on December 3, 1992.

Francesca Randazzo obituary:  Frances died on March 26, 1983.

Cemetery Map:  Mount Carmel Cemetery in Silver Creek, NY



Entrance to Mount Carmel Cemetery in Silver Creek

Gravesite of Salvatore, Francesca and Thomas



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