Family and Descendants of

Assunta Rose Arcadipane (About 1895 - 190?)

Not much is known about Assunta Rose. When her family was going from Italy to South America, Immigration papers show that the family at that time only consisted of Assunta (Rose) (about 1 year old), her father and mother. There is no paperwork to show she came back to Italy with the family. She most likely died Abt 190? and is buried somewhere in Brazil, South America.


Parents of Assunta Rose Arcadipane:

1870 - 1913
Giovanina (Jennie) Sciarrotta 1874 - 1960




Assunta's parents' passport to Brazil

Passport - blowup of stamp - shows date as August 25, 1896

Passport - Back

Passport Translation into English

Passport Translation into English (part 2)

Map of Brazil

Map of Ouro Preto, Brazil

Map of Brazil States




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